Quick and effective ways to donate and support Ukraine

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  • 06.04.2022
Quick and effective ways to donate and support Ukraine

We are receiving numerous enquiries about the most efficient ways to donate to support humanitarian efforts for Ukraine. Here are a couple of suggested organisations who are making a real difference:

The Embassy of Ukraine in the UK is doing a tremendous job coordinating the UK government support, rallying the business community to help Ukraine and also to stop doing business with russia. The Embassy’s humanitarian fund Donate to support Ukraine (withukraine.org) is also one of the best ways to ensure your donations reach their intended destination as quickly as possible.

The Embassy is also sourcing vital supplies to support Ukraine’s brave armed forces and volunteer units, such as protective equipment, night and thermal vision devices and drones. The fund is restricted from such purchases, therefore the Embassy is reaching out to partners and friends to help acquire them. The cost of such equipment ranges from several thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Do email me at: stephen.butler(at)strategy-council.com or the Embassy directly if you or your organisation might be able to help.

Another excellent charitable initiative is the Leleka Foundation, which supplies first aid kits to Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers. In fact they have established the medical supply system for the volunteer regional defence units, who are not covered by the army system.

One of its founders is Yuri Kubrushko, who, as an energy consultant helping renewables companies develop projects in Ukraine, has been an active participant in our conferences for many years. This US-registered charity was set up 8 years ago when the Russian aggression first began, so their supply chain and reach are second to none.