12th April 2021 - 16th April 2021

Ukrainian Transport Infrastructure Week



Official partners


Vladyslav Kryklii

Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Olga Magaletska

Head of Office,
National Investment Council

Jason Pellmar

Regional Manager, Ukraine, Belarus & Moldova,
International Finance Corporation

Oleksandr Kubrakov


Oleksandr Pertsovskyi

CEO, Passenger Company,
Ukrainian Railways

Daniel Bilak

Senior Counsel,

Jean-Erik de Zagon

Head of Resident Representation,
European Investment Bank

Baher El-Hifnawi

Program Leader, Infrastructure & Sustainable Development, Belarus, Moldova & Ukraine,
World Bank

Philip Sweens

Managing Director,
HHLA International

Adam dr. Talosi

Legal Director & Member of the Board,
East-West Intermodal Logistics

Nataliya Forsyuk

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Viktor Dovhan

Expert, EU-funded project
“Assistance to the Ukrainian authorities for establishment of National Transport Model and Master Plan”

Adnan Rahman

Team Leader,
EU-funded project “Assistance to the Ukrainian authorities for establishment of National Transport Model and Master Plan”

Oleg Matiusha

Counsel & Head of Infrastructure,

Dmytro Abramovych

First Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Nadiia Kaznacheieva

Head of Investments,
UMG Investments

Istvan Heinczinger

Senior Sector Economist,
European Investment Bank

Mykhailo Rizak

Deputy CEO,

Iryna Koshel

Director, Reform Support Team,
Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Vladyslav Ilyin

Chief Commercial Officer (Aviation revenue),
Kharkiv Airport

Sevki Acuner

Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
Ukrainian Railways

Oleksandra Azarkhina

Director, Reform Support Team,

Mark Magaletsky

Deputy Head, Ukraine, Sustainable Infrastructure,

Kyrylo Khomyakov

State Agency for Infrastructure Projects of Ukraine

Natalie Erkan

Business Development Director,

Oleksandr Golodnytskyy

Acting Head,
Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

Oleg Kudashov

Senior Investment Officer,
International Finance Corporation

Yevgen Treskunov

Founding Partner,

Kyryl Novikov

Aviation & Airports Expert

Vladimir Shulmeister

NGO Infrastructure Council

Oksana Zatvornytska

Project Manager, Public Transport programmes,
Egis Ukraine

Andrii Tsokol

Associate Director,

Serhiy Vovk

Managing Director,
Centre for Transport Strategies

Vyacheslav Cheglatonyev

Commercial Director,
Odesa International Airport

Dionisio Javier Sanchez

Senior Air Transport Expert,
EU-funded project “Assistance to the Ukrainian authorities for establishment of National Transport Model and Master Plan”

André Merrien

Senior Expert / Port Engineer,
EU-funded project “Assistance to the Ukrainian authorities for establishment of National Transport Model and Master Plan”

Tiago Lopes

Sector Expert, Air, Maritime & Innovative Transport,
European Investment Bank

Larysa Nazarenko

Senior Project Manager, Rail, Reform Support Team,
Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Taras Boichuk

Head, SPILNO PPP Project Management Office,
Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine


Information partners and supporting organisations
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Ukraine is moving ahead with PPP and concession models to deliver its ambitious national transportation strategy and much progress has been made to date:

  • This year’s $5.3 billion ‘Great Construction’ programme is the largest roadbuilding programme in Ukraine’s history and will be delivered through the PPP model;
  • Following the first successful seaport concessions last year, the next wave of concessions has been lined up as well as a number of port privatisations;
  • Government plans to reconstruct or build 16 regional airports with a number to be offered a concessions;
  • A number of major railway stations are being put up for concessions and the same model is proposed for high speed train networks
  • The IFIs are fully engaged in the process, offering expert advice and committing significant levels of financing. Other anticipated innovative financing mechanisms include sovereign-backed infrastructure bonds and the Great Construction Fund.

The Ukrainian Transport Infrastructure Week has been convened to showcase those major transport infrastructure projects to be delivered through PPP and concession mechanisms.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join with all the key stakeholders – Ministries, State Agencies and State-owned Enterprises, financial institutions, advisors, infrastructure developers and operators - for a timely and invaluable insight into the major infrastructure projects, which are being developed in one of Europe’s most vibrant economies.

The Week features a series of 5 90-minute webinars, focusing on Ports, Roads, Rail, Airports and beginning with a government overview. Each webinar takes place at 16:00 Kyiv time to allow present and potential investors from both Europe and North America the opportunity to participate. Simultaneous translation between English and Ukrainian will be provided.


Day 112.04.2021
  • Opening Introductory Session 12th April 2021, 16:00 Kyiv time

    Transport infrastructure as a driver of growth and transformation of the Ukrainian economy

  • How will government deliver the ambitious National Transportation Strategy and Action Plan

  • What are the legislative and institutional reforms for developing and modernising the transport sector?

  • Role of International Financial Institutions – how the IFIs are supporting the sector

  • What can Ukraine learn from international experience in financing and delivering mega-projects?

  • Realising Ukraine’s potential as an international transport hub

Day 213.04.2021
  • Day 2: Focus On Ports 13th April 2021, 16:00 Kyiv time

    Lessons learned from implementing port concession

  • Port privatisations - when and which ports?

  • What is needed to make Ukrainian ports competitive?

  • What are the key strategic priorities for the USPA?

  • Productively engaging with the private sector

  • Inland waterways – realising the unexploited potential

  • The input and role of the International Financial Institutions – how the IFIs are supporting the sector


Day 314.04.2021
  • Day 3: Focus On Roads 14th April 2021, 16:00 Kyiv time

    Focus on government policy, achievements in the first year of the major road-building programme and what will be delivered in 2021

  • Key features of the Road PPP programme and an overview of the 6 pilot projects

  • Learning from international experience when deciding how best to finance and deliver major transport infrastructure projects. Case studies from neighbouring countries

  • Outlining the programme for the development of the road sector, including through the concession mechanism

  • The input and role of the International Financial Institutions – how the IFIs are supporting the road-building programme

  • Highlights of the programme for the development and modernisation of the road network and conclusions from current studies by the IFIs. How will the funds from the latest loan agreements be utilised?

  • The introduction of toll road concessions. What is the timescale and which will be the first projects? How bankable and financially attractive is the model to investors / concessionaires?

  • The outlook for the development of autobahns and of ring roads around Kyiv and other major cities

  • Realising Ukraine’s transit potential in the international system of transport corridors

  • Key challenges of PPP and concession projects in Ukraine

Day 415.04.2021
  • Day 4: Focus On Rail 15th April 2021, 16:00 Kyiv time

    The timescale for the concessions of railway stations – when this year will they be launched and what will the key features of such agreements be?

  • Progress in the unbundling of UZ as a key step in the process of European integration

  • What is the outlook for the development of a national high-speed rail network?

  • Update on the electrification project. When are the tender winners announced and what is the timescale for the project’s implementation?

  • Activity to date and future plans of UZ to access the international capital markets. Focus on plans to conduct an international IPO and investor sentiment to date

  • Progress to date in raising levels of corporate governance at UZ. What has the Supervisory Board achieved to date and what is its key focus of attention?

  • Outlining UZ’s plans to overhaul and update its rolling stock

  • The outlook for opening up the rail network for private rail operators – when will the first pilots take place?

Day 516.04.2021
  • Day 5: Focus On Airports 16th April 2021, 16:00 Kyiv time

    To what extent will the drop in airport revenue and passenger numbers due to the pandemic impact planned investments in airport development?

  • Which airports will be put forward to be managed by concession and what is the preferred model?

  • Regional airports as a key growth area. How best to attract the necessary financing and management expertise for modernisation and upgrading

  • The outlook for private sector development of airports – spotlight on Kyiv Sikorsky and Dnipro

  • Which 2nd tier airports are to be included in the ‘Big Construction’ programme?