20th April 2023

Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum

Simmons & Simmons, London

Official Partners


Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been cruelly and cynically targeted in recent months with more than 40% of power facilities damaged by shelling. The immediate priority, of course, is to ensure that millions of Ukrainians survive the winter months with access to functioning electricity, water and heat.

 The longer-term goal is to ensure that the reconstruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is undertaken using the latest global technologies and with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability.

 It is clear that Ukraine’s stated aim of creating a carbon-neutral and self-sufficient energy system can be boosted by stimulating investment in renewable energy and integrating Ukraine into Europe-wide hydrogen initiatives.

 The Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum has been convened to bring together all the key stakeholders – Ukrainian officials, private and state energy companies, renewables developers and their advisors, suppliers and financiers – to meet with their international counterparts to gain a clear assessment of the requirements and to formulate an action plan to build Ukraine’s energy infrastructure back better.



  • 08:30   Registration and refreshments

  • 09:30   Session 1: An Overview Of The Envisioned Structure Of Ukraine’s Post-War Energy System

    • An assessment of the damage caused to date and priority tasks to be addressed
    • Outlining the government’s reconstruction plan for the energy system.
    • Predicting the make-up of the future power mix in Ukraine and the role of green energy: wind, solar, SMNRs, biogas, green hydrogen, nuclear
    • What will be the sources of financing for the energy reconstruction – international donors and institutions, IFIs, reparations, the private sector?
    • Creating the necessary conditions and regulations to stimulate and protect major investment into the sector
    • Where is Ukraine in terms of implementing EU regulations? What is required to align Ukraine with the EU’s 4th energy package and ensuring clean energy for all Ukrainians?
  • 11:00   Morning refreshments

  • 11:30   Session 2: Rebuilding Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure Using The Latest Sustainable And Carbon-Neutral Technologies And Integration With The EU Market

    • Basing the rebuild on the latest global technologies focused on innovation, energy efficiency, decarbonisation and sustainability
    • An overview of the government’s action plan to implement smart networks in Ukraine and increase investment levels in the modernisation of power networks to enable decentralisation and ensure stability
    • Continuing the integration of the Ukrainian energy system into ENTSO-E. What obstacles need to be overcome to create a unified energy market with the EU and to ensure Ukraine can restart electricity exports?
    • Developing a master plan for the improvement of Ukraine’s power grids – decentralisation, strengthening cyber protection, digitalising processes and raising the efficiency of transmission
    • Integration into the European electricity market. Nomination of the Ukrainian market operator
    • Progress in certifying Ukrtransgaz as a European gas storage operator to allow EU countries’ strategic gas reserves to be stored in Ukraine’s facilities
  • 13:00   Lunch

  • 14:00   Session 3: Can Renewables Become The Main Source of Electricity In Post-War Ukraine?

    • Charting the development of the renewables sector in Ukraine. Creating the right framework and incentives to attract significant levels of FDI in the RES once more
    • How much of Ukraine’s renewable capacity is currently functioning and what is the extent of damage to the renewables infrastructure?
    • What are the next opportunities in Ukrainian renewables? The outlook for offshore wind projects
    • Ensuring clear and transparent market rules for all producers
    • Is it possible to make investment decisions while the war is still ongoing? How to insure war risk?
    • How to get renewables projects financed?
    • Case studies and market analysis from the leading renewables developers operating in Ukraine
  • 15:30   Afternoon refreshments

  • 16:00   Session 4: The Outlook For Ukraine To Become The Main Hydrogen Supplier To The UK And EU And Replace russian Gas

    • Hydrogen case studies, pilot projects and insights from leading energy market players in and beyond Ukraine
    • What volumes of green / clean H2 can Ukraine export and in what timeframe?
    • Is private sector financing commercially feasible for hydrogen projects and research or will investment be driven by government and the IFIs?
    • Developing the technology to scale up hydrogen use and creating the necessary conditions and infrastructure for its production, transportation and consumption
    • Assessing the feasibility of launching a joint hydrogen corridor through repurposed gas pipes to Germany
    • The outlook for commercial-scale production of hydrogen and ammonia using small modular nuclear reactors and electrolysis technologies in Ukraine
  • 17:30   Drinks reception