24th November 2020

Ukrainian Agribusiness Webinar



Larysa Bondarieva

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board,
Corporate & SME,
Credit Agricole Bank

Taras Vysotskyi

Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade & Agriculture of Ukraine

 Kateryna Rybachenko

Chief Executive Officer, Agro Region

Alex Lissitsa

Chief Executive Officer, IMC

Olena Vorona

Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Agrotrade

Volodymyr Bondarenko

Chief Financial Officer,
CYGNET Agrocompany

Vladyslava Magaletska

State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety & Consumer Protection


General partner
Information partners and supporting organisations



The 3rd week of November is a lively one for the Agribusiness community in Ukraine, as it celebrates the Agricultural Workers’ Day. It is also the time when Strategy Council’s annual Ukrainian Agribusiness Forum takes place in Kyiv, drawing on the expertise of its General Partner - Credit Agricole Ukraine.


This year a Ukrainian Agribusiness Webinar will take its place and will be free of charge to all. The panel, moderated by Larysa Bondarieva of Credit Agricole, features the most influential and popular figures in the Ukrainian agribusiness community and they will tackle the most challenging issues facing the sector (questions from the audience are encouraged both before the event and during the webinar).


If you have any questions regarding the event, do contact the Co-organisers:


Stephen Butler, Managing Director, Strategy Council

Tel: +44 780 300 6824



Olga Stefantsova, Marketing Director, Strategy Council

Tel: +380 68 259 7926



  • What impact has the pandemic had on global and national agricultural trends?

  • The launch of the Land Market. Opinions on how the process will take off and what we should expect in the first year

  • Identifying new growth regions and produce for export. How significant is the Trade Agreement with the UK? Are food quality standards at the required levels?

  • Where is financing and investment most required and what are the best sources available at present?

  • How to attract the required levels of investment into irrigation. Opportunities for the private sector to take the initiative

  • Will the Agrarian Ministry be recreated and, if so, what should be its key priorities and focus?