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Ukraine’s Role In The European Hydrogen Strategy

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Oleksandr Riepkin

President, Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council" /
Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the Hydrogen Economy

Olga Bielkova

Director, Government & International Affairs,
Ukrainian Gas TSO

Vadym Prystaiko

Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK

Harry Boyd-Carpenter

Managing Director, Green Economy & Climate Action,

Yuriy Vitrenko

Chief Executive Officer,
Naftogaz of Ukraine

Dmytro Sakharuk

Executive Director,

Nigel Holmes

Chief Executive Officer,
Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association

Dr Yulia Rybak

Advisor to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine /
Co-Head, German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership Secretariat

Oleksiy Tatarenko

Principal, Green Hydrogen Catapult,

Oleksiy Riabchyn

Advisor to CEO,
Naftogaz of Ukraine

Nick Butler

Visiting Professor,
King’s College London

Stanislav Kazda

Director of Strategic Development,
Regional Gas Company

Iaroslav Kryl

Chief Executive Officer,
Hydrogen Ukraine

Artem Semenyshyn

Executive Director,
Solar Energy Association of Ukraine

Aura Sabadus

Senior energy journalist, Black Sea energy markets,

Adam Balogh

Senior Energy Infrastructure Expert,
Energy Community Secretariat

Cristian Carraretto

Associate Director – Sustainable Resource Investments,

Dmytro Los

Chairman of the Board,
Ukrainian Business & Trade Association


Hydrogen is anticipated to become an important part of the energy mix worldwide, as countries seek to transition to cleaner energy. The impact of green hydrogen on global energy trade needs to be assessed within the context of the broader energy transformation. As in the early days of the liquified natural gas industry, many governments are forging bilateral deals and agreements to create and operate infrastructure to facilitate cross-border hydrogen trade. Ukraine has a unique opportunity to become a key regional producer of green hydrogen and to become a major exporter to the rest of Europe.

This timely one-day forum has been convened to bring together all the major stakeholders from both Ukraine and worldwide to discuss the outlook for production of hydrogen in Ukraine, the business case for the development of the industry and what needs to be addressed to make this vision a reality.


  • 08:30   Registration and morning coffee

  • 09:30   Session 1: The Outlook For Ukraine To Become A Strategic Partner For The UK And European Hydrogen Markets

    • Outlining the development of the National Hydrogen Strategy of Ukraine and the roadmap for Ukraine’s green energy transition
    • What is the vision for hydrogen as a component of the national energy mix?
    • The key role of hydrogen in decarbonisation and the sustainable economy
    • How the development of a hydrogen economy can enhance energy security by lessening the reliance on natural gas
    • The global outlook for hydrogen projects and research – where is the greatest activity and who is leading the way?
    • How price transparency early on can support the rapid evolution of the global market in hydrogen
    • At what price point would Ukrainian hydrogen be competitive in the EU?
    • What will the green premium be and how will it be covered?
  • 11:00   Morning refreshments

  • 11:30   Session 2: Case Studies, Pilot Projects And Insights From Leading Energy Market Players In And Beyond Ukraine

    • Adapting the gas network for hydrogen transportation. Results of research and testing to date
    • How gas distributors can contribute their experience and knowledge to the hydrogen value chain and transform into the primary hydrogen distribution infrastructure
    • Is private sector financing commercially feasible for hydrogen projects and research or will investment be driven by government and the IFIs?
    • Developing the technology to scale up hydrogen use and creating the necessary conditions and infrastructure for its production, transportation and consumption
    • The potential for green ammonia production for export to Europe
    • Important projects of common European interest: “Blue Danube” trans-European supply chain for green hydrogen
  • 13:00   Lunch

  • 14:00   Session 3: Growing The Renewables Sector In Ukraine To Drive The Production And Export Of Green Hydrogen

    • Focus on pilot projects to produce green hydrogen from onshore and offshore wind power in the Black Sea region
    • Charting the growth of the renewables sector in Ukraine and its potential to drive the production and export of green hydrogen. What must be done to build up levels of FDI in the sector once more?
    • Where do the next opportunities lie in Ukrainian renewables? Will we see the first offshore wind projects soon?
    • What volumes of green / clean H2 can Ukraine export and in what timeframe?
    • The development of hydrogen storage facilities to stimulate the growth of renewables
    • The network of hydrogen trade routes, plans and agreements
  • 15:30   Afternoon refreshments

  • 16:00   Session 4: Panel Discussion – Ukraine In A Global Context Competing For Projects And Investment

    • Is Ukraine developing the supportive regulatory and financial mechanisms to drive the uptake of hydrogen?
    • Creating the right incentives to attract foreign direct investment in the sector. What are the opportunities for the private sector?
    • Addressing the regulatory framework including European Hydrogen Standardisation and the certification for guarantees of origin
    • What are the demand sectors to target?
    • How a switch to hydrogen production can lead the way for the decarbonising of heavy industry
    • Strengthening Ukraine’s European integration through extensive cooperation on major projects
    • The main perceived barriers to develop hydrogen policies and strategies
  • 17:30   Evening reception