20th May 2021

The Ukrainian Renewables Webinar



The Ukrainian Renewables Webinar

Reigniting investment activity via the upcoming auctions

Wednesday, 24th February 2021, 14:00 – 15:30 GMT

The inaugural Ukrainian Renewables Forum took place in London in June 2019 with the official support of the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK and the Office of the National Investment Council of Ukraine and was attended by close to 150 attendees from 18 countries worldwide.

This year a Ukrainian Renewables Webinar will take its place and will be free of charge to all. The panel will feature senior officials, together with the leading domestic and international developers and investors and they will tackle the most challenging issues facing the sector (questions from the audience are encouraged both before the event and during the webinar).


  • Appraising the quotas, schedule and mechanism for the first renewable energy auctions in Ukraine

  • What is required to restore the attractiveness of Ukraine as a destination for Foreign Direct Investment in renewable energy?

  • What progress is being made to raise the finance to clear the debts of the Guaranteed Buyer?

  • Case studies of current and planned projects from leading domestic and international developers and investors

  • Outlining tenders for procurement of demand management measures and system balancing technologies (including energy storage and fast start-up facilities)

  • Assessing the availability and options for the financing of renewables projects in Ukraine


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