29th June 2021

The Ukrainian Banking Webinar



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Iryna Starominska

Chairperson of the Board,

Ashot Abrahamyan

Chief Executive Officer,
Bank Lviv

Ihor Olekhov

Partner, Head of Banking & Finance Practice,
CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang

Yevhen Hlinskyi

Director, Financial Services Department,

Kateryna Chechulina

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang

Yannis Kyriakopoulos

Country Manager, Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
Piraeus Bank

Alexander McWhorter

Citi Ukraine

Olyana Gordiyenko

Chairperson of the Supervisory Board,



The banking sector in Ukraine has proven to be resilient throughout the pandemic. Net profit did drop in 2020 in line with the rest of the economy, following record profits in 2019, but the sector is bouncing back quickly.

The challenges for the banks remain the same, but have simply been brought into greater focus, encouraging banks to be more innovative and proactive in investing in automation and digitalisation to compete with new digital entrants, raise efficiency and deliver improved customer service amongst others.

We bring together a panel featuring a number of the most respected bankers in Ukraine to discuss how the bank business model is evolving, the importance of digitalisation and which reforms of the sector are yet to be completed.


    • To what extent is the growth in popularity of digital banking driving innovation and greater efficiency in the sector
    • Identifying technological and operational fixes to raise levels of productivity and efficiency and to lower operating costs
    • Raising levels of customer service as consumers’ habits evolve and identifying new innovative products to gain market share
    • What are the main growth segments in the retail banking environment?
    • Charting the recent growth of cashless transactions and internet banking
    • What are the forecasts for corporate and household lending for the year to come?
    • What are the key remaining tasks in the reform of the banking sector?
    • What is the likely timescale for the privatisation of state-owned banks? Is the government on track to lower the state’s share of the banking system from 55% to 25% in the next few years?
    • To what extent are the NPLs a burden when measuring banking sector risks?