15th November 2018

The 2nd annual Ukrainian Automotive Forum

Lviv, Bank Hotel


Kia and UkrAvto Corporation have become Technical Partners of the Forum and will kindly provide complimentary transportation within Lviv to Forum attendees with Kia’s new generation electric vehicles.

Oleksandr Schlamp of SE Bordnetze Ukraine and Gennady Kanishchenko of Spetztekhosnastka are the latest top managers of leading components producers to join the speaker panel.

Gentherm, Kromberg & Schubert, Commercial Vehicle Group and ODW-Elektrik are the latest auto component producers with operations in Ukraine to confirm their delegations for the Forum. Approximately 15,000 employees and tens of millions USD in FDI between them.

Bogdan Motors and UkrAVTO Corporation are the latest domestic OEMs to announce their delegations to attend the Forum



Oleg Sinyutka

Governor | Lviv Regional State Administration

Oleg Boyaryn

Chairman of the Supervisory Board | Eurocar

Andriy Sadovyi

Mayor | City of Lviv

Volodymyr Omelyan

Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Mykhailo Khmil

Secretary, Committee for Industrial Policy & Entrepreneurship | Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Alexander Markus

Chairman of the Board | German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Günther Ungericht

Managing Director | PRETTL Kabelkonfektion

Alexander Goetz

Plant Manager | TE Connectivity Ivano-Frankivsk

Roman Matys

Head of Investment Department | Lviv Regional State Administration

Anatoliy Kinakh

President | Ukrainian League of Industrialists & Entrepreneurs

Hendrik Jung

Director, Key Accounts | CTP

Stephan Schmidt

Managing Director | Leoni Wiring Systems UA

Serhii Kostohryz

Head of Trade Finance Department, Multinational Companies & Trade Finance Servicing Division | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Mykhailo Reznik

President | UkrAutoprom

Sergii Pozur

Managing Director | BIBUS Ukraine

Ruslan Korzh

Chief Executive Officer | UPROMEX

Maksym Hlotov

Associate | Baker McKenzie

Oleg Papashev

Deputy Chairman of the Board | UkrAVTO Corporation

Gennady Kanishchenko

Director for Organisational Development | Spetztekhosnastka

Oleksandr Schlamp

Chief Operational Officer | SE Bordnetze-Ukraine

Illya Gamaliy

Principal Banker | EBRD

Olena Zhuravlyova

Head of Export Consulting | Export Promotion Office

Volodymyr Panov

Member of Supervisory Board | Eurocar

Andreas Lier

Managing Director, Head of Country Cluster, East Europe | BASF


Technical Partner
Information partners and supporting organisations
Media partners


In partnership with UkrAutoProm

With the official support of UkraineInvest, Lviv Regional State Administration and Lviv City Council


Ukraine is quickly emerging as an important player in the European vehicle production supply chain. In recent years dozens of automotive component production plants have opened up, primarily in Western Ukraine, to take advantage of the proximity to their OEM customers in the EU, as well as Ukraine’s competitive wage levels and skilled workforce.

It is estimated that €500 million has been invested to date in 38 factories, which together employ more than 60,000 workers.

In addition, as new vehicle sales increase, domestic vehicle manufacturers are increasing production figures and new investment opportunities are being explored, such as electric vehicles and batteries, with Ukraine possessing the world’s largest reserves in lithium.

The Forum

The Ukrainian Automotive Forum has quickly and firmly established itself as the key meeting-place for all key current and potential players in the growing automotive industry of Ukraine.

In October 2017, over 120 senior automotive executives from 10 different countries gathered in Lviv for an intensive and productive day of discussion and networking. They heard from:

  • Senior officials, including Regional Governor Sinyutka, Lviv Mayor Sadovyy, the Rada Industrial Policy Committee and Ministry of Infrastructure, who pledged their ongoing practical support for the further development of the sector;
  • Leading international and domestic component producers, such as Gentherm, Prettl Kabelkonfektion, TE Connectivity, SE Bordnetze, Ukroboronprom and BASF, who discussed their operations in Ukraine and why the country is emerging as a hub for parts producers;
  • Domestic vehicle manufacturers, including Eurocar, ZAZ, Etalon-Auto and UkrAvto, who outlined their development strategies and production plans.

Who you will meet!

The 2017 Forum was attended by senior executives from such companies as:

Even more expected in 2018!


Here’s what last year’s attendees had to say:


“I am grateful for the possibility to attend the Forum. The event contributed greatly to the development of the automotive industry in Ukraine”

Vitaliy Yermolenko, Head of New Products, ZAZ


“It was great to participate in the event”

Sebastian Clauss, Area Sales Manager, Item Industrietechnik


“Thank you for the well-organised forum”

Myhajlo Kanafozkyj, Quality Manager, Bader Ukraine


“Thank you for the very interesting event”

Laszlo-Adorjani-Klosz, Business Process Excellence Manager, Gentherm Ukraine


"Ukrainian Automotive Forum – perfectly organized event that is highly important for development of our economic environment, attracting new investments and opening new opportunities for collaboration. It is a great possibility to bring all parties together, find solutions for different challenges that automotive branch faces"

Anna Prydybailo, Head of MCC Department, Raiffeisen Bank Aval


“Thank you for the high level of organisation of the forum. It was a really interesting and informative event”

Vasyl Ploskina, Director of Marketing, Tochprilad


For details please contact stephen.butler@strategy-council.com or olga.stefantsova@strategy-council.com.


  • 08:30   Registration

  • 09:30   Session 1: Ukraine’s Position As An Emerging Player In The European Automotive Sector

    • Can Ukraine further develop as an extended production location for global vehicle and component manufacturers?
    • Charting the growth of vehicle component production in Ukraine. Major milestones and key ambitions
    • The outlook for Ukraine to become a major player in the production of electric vehicles and batteries
    • Taking advantage of Ukraine’s geographical location to increase its role in the European automotive supply chain
    • Charting the increase in Foreign Direct Investment into the automotive sector in Ukraine
    • An overview of the macroeconomic outlook and trends for Ukraine and appraising the positive changes in the overall business climate in Ukraine – progress made and what remains to be done
    • Progress made on the liberalisation of foreign currency controls and how this impacts the ease of doing business with international partners
  • 11:00   Morning refreshments

  • 11:30   Session 2: The Development Of An Automotive Supplier Cluster In Ukraine – Progress Report And Opportunities For Expansion And New Entrants

    • What progress has been made in cluster development and what can be learned from similar initiatives in neighbouring countries?
    • Experience of working with OEM customers in Europe and what their key requirements are: focus on quality and supply chain management
    • Industry 4.0 – implementing the latest cutting-edge processes and technologies
    • The evolution of logistics and supply chain management to support the growth of automotive production in Ukraine
    • How to stimulate the growth of more sophisticated and greater value-added production in Ukraine. Investing in Research & Development capabilities
    • The HR challenge: working closely with educational institutions to ensure a steady stream of suitably qualified professionals for the automotive sector
  • 13:00   Lunch

  • 14:15   Session 3: The Outlook For Vehicle Production In Ukraine And Its Sustainability. Reports From The Key Manufacturers

    • Strategic development plans of the leading vehicle manufacturers. What is required to stimulate domestic production and ensure it is sustainable?
    • Production trends per segment: light passenger vehicles, buses, trucks, agricultural vehicles and machinery, specialised vehicles
    • An overview of trends in new and used vehicle sales in Ukraine
    • The outlook for major international OEMs to set up local production in Ukraine. Can we anticipate new market entrants any time soon?
    • The role of industrial and technology parks in developing the infrastructure to support the growth of the Ukrainian automotive sector
  • 16:00   Afternoon refreshments

  • 16:30   Session 4: Roundtable Discussion On What The Automotive Suppliers Require To Further Stimulate The Sector’s Growth

    • Focus on priority requirements: state support, infrastructure, logistics, education, wage levels
    • Key factors in how to differentiate, improve and move beyond the status of a ‘low-cost’ country
    • Working together to solve the worker migration challenge. How the automotive sector is leading the way in creating a rewarding and well-paid career path for the Ukrainian work-force
    • For how long will the low wage factor be considered a competitive advantage? To what extent it is predictable and does the market regulate itself effectively?
    • Optimising business processes to improve efficiency and grow output


  • 18:00   Evening reception