27th April 2021

Strategic & Critical Minerals in Ukraine: Investment Opportunities in Exploration & Production



Ellina Romanova of Velta LLC, Ukraine's leading titanium producer, joins the speaker panel



Roman Opimakh

State Geological Service of Ukraine

Brian Savage

Chairman & CEO,
Avellana Gold

Sergiy Tsivkach

Executive Director,

Gaius King

Resources Analyst,
Fox-Davies Capital

Ellina Romanova

PR & Strategic Development Department,
Velta LLC

Vitaliy Radchenko

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang

Matt Simpson

Chief Executive Officer,
Black Iron

Andrii Smolin

Head of Representative Office, Ukraine,
Avellana Gold

Rodrik Cave

Regional Director,
CRU International


Official Partner


Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 15:00 GMT, online

Co-organisers: Strategy Council and the Natural Resources Forum

Ukraine has a long tradition of mineral production, having been a major producer of iron and manganese ore, as well as titanium, phosphorus and rare earth elements and also holds a number of gold deposits.

The government is keen to develop its mineral resources base, not least the deposits of those metals used in innovative technologies and has launched a comprehensive programme of online auctions for fields with deposits of strategic and critical minerals.

You will hear first-hand from key government officials about the emerging opportunities, as well as from E&P companies already active in Ukraine. The webinar will last for 90 minutes and is free of charge for participants.


  • An overview of the strategic and critical mineral assets in Ukraine

  • Doing business in Ukraine: appraising the business climate and efforts to increase Foreign Direct Investment

  • Key features of the regulatory environment and fiscal regime

  • A timescale for upcoming tenders and e-auctions and an overview of which exploration & development and production licences will be on offer

  • Outlining the procedures to obtain a Special Permit (licence) through e-auctions

  • Appraising the availability of geological information for potential investors

  • What is required to attract the technical expertise and financial resources to advance and develop Ukraine’s mineral portfolio

  • Spotlight on lithium and one of the largest lithium deposits in Europe

  • Case study of a mineral E&P company present in Ukraine. Key factors to identify, acquire, finance, explore and develop mineral properties in Ukraine