27th April 2021

Strategic & Critical Minerals in Ukraine: Investment Opportunities in Exploration & Production



Roman Opimakh

State Geological Service of Ukraine

Brian Savage

Chairman & CEO,
Avellana Gold

Sergiy Tsivkach

Executive Director,

Andrii Smolin

Head of Representative Office, Ukraine,
Avellana Gold

Gaius King

Resources Analyst,
Fox-Davies Capital

Matt Simpson

Chief Executive Officer,
Black Iron


Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 15:00 GMT, online

Co-organisers: Strategy Council and the Natural Resources Forum

Ukraine has a long tradition of mineral production, having been a major producer of iron and manganese ore, as well as titanium, phosphorus and rare earth elements and also holds a number of gold deposits.

The government is keen to develop its mineral resources base, not least the deposits of those metals used in innovative technologies and has launched a comprehensive programme of online auctions for fields with deposits of strategic and critical minerals.

You will hear first-hand from key government officials about the emerging opportunities, as well as from E&P companies already active in Ukraine. The webinar will last for 90 minutes and is free of charge for participants.


  • An overview of the strategic and critical mineral assets in Ukraine

  • Doing business in Ukraine: appraising the business climate and efforts to increase Foreign Direct Investment

  • Key features of the regulatory environment and fiscal regime

  • A timescale for upcoming tenders and e-auctions and an overview of which exploration & development and production licences will be on offer

  • Outlining the procedures to obtain a Special Permit (licence) through e-auctions

  • Appraising the availability of geological information for potential investors

  • What is required to attract the technical expertise and financial resources to advance and develop Ukraine’s mineral portfolio

  • Spotlight on lithium and one of the largest lithium deposits in Europe

  • Case study of a mineral E&P company present in Ukraine. Key factors to identify, acquire, finance, explore and develop mineral properties in Ukraine


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