3rd June 2021

Stimulating The Growth Of PRIVATE EQUITY In Ukraine



Andriy Nosok

Managing Director, Private Equity,
Dragon Capital

Sofiya Huzenko

Private Equity Expert

Dan Pasko

Co-Managing Partner,
Diligent Capital Partners

Iurii Kovalskyi

East Star Capital

Andriy Gostik

Principal, Private Equity,

Katherine Stepanian

Senior Analyst, Research,

George Janssen

Senior Investment Officer,


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Globally the Private Equity market has shown resilience through the pandemic and there is pent-up demand for investments due to the decrease in deal numbers last year.

The demand from Ukrainian businesses for capital to fuel growth has never been higher as corporate lending remains relatively low and international capital markets are accessible to only a limited number of players. This creates a buyer’s market for private equity firms, attracted by low valuations and low entry multiples.

We bring together a respected panel of the leading Ukraine-focused PE practitioners to discuss how the market has evolved over the last 12 months, how its growth trajectory has been impacted and what deal activity should we expect as the year progresses.



  • The positive impact that PE could have in growing and strengthening a wide range of Ukrainian businesses. Is there still a pent-up demand for private equity in Ukraine?

  • How has the global pandemic impacted the volume of PE deals in Ukraine and globally?

  • Can Ukraine be considered a ‘buyer’s market’ with limited equity available and low valuations and entry multiples?

  • Key lessons learned from working alongside company owners and senior management in Ukraine

  • What is the typical investment horizon in Ukraine and the typical minority stake?

  • Case studies of successful exits

  • Will IPOs become a viable alternative to a sale to a strategic investor?

  • Which sectors are of greatest interest to PE firms and why? IT, FMCG, eCommerce, Pharma, Light manufacturing. Why sector expertise is more important than ever

  • How has the pandemic speeded up the use of analytics and digital tools by PE firms?

  • What aspects of Ukrainian legislation and the business environment are hampering the development of PE in Ukraine – insufficient investor protection, weak judiciary, overregulation of currency exchange?