15th June 2021

Corporate Governance At State-Owned Enterprises in Ukraine



Sevki Acuner

Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
Ukrainian Railways & Ukrenergo

Yuliya Kovaliv

Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board,
Naftogaz Group

Artem Shevalev

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
PrivatBank & Ukrgasbank

Olga Bielkova

Director, Government & International Affairs,
Ukrainian Gas TSO

Roman Bondar

First Deputy CEO,

Artur Somov

Acting Chairman of the Management Board,
UMCC Titanium

Andriy Boytsun

Head of Corporate Governance Stream,
Kyiv School of Economics


Ukraine has made great strides in raising levels of corporate governance in its not inconsiderable State-Owned Enterprises. However, as very recently witnessed, it is often a case of two steps forward and one back.

Good governance of state-owned enterprises is critical to ensure their positive contribution to Ukraine’s economic efficiency and competitiveness. Moreover such transparency and integrity are essential for international strategic partners to maintain their confidence in Ukraine’s commitment to reform.

We bring together a respected panel of experts, drawn from both the Management and Supervisory Boards of a number of Ukraine’s largest and most prominent State-Owned Enterprises to discuss how to ensure that corporate governance progress made to date is irreversible and that independent supervisory boards are able to do their work effectively and without interference.


    • What practical steps can be implemented to strengthen the role and status of independent supervisory boards?
    • How to ensure that SOE managers are accountable to their independent supervisory boards and not to officials and politicians
    • Which governance structures have proven most effective in Ukraine to date? How to adjust global standards to the Ukrainian context
    • Reforming Ukraine’s SOEs through good order, accountability, transparency and the latest global best practice
    • Board independence, gender diversity and centralisation of the management function as key elements of achieving better results and greater public confidence
    • How far are Ukraine’s leading SOEs from reaching the required governance levels to undertake an international listing or to access the international bond markets?
    • Addressing the complicated legal framework which creates extensive bureaucracy and undermines the SOE’s ability to act in a timely and effective manner
    • How to manage the complex relationship with the state when it can be your shareholder, financier, policy-maker, regulator, supervisor, client and / or supplier
    • Recruiting and motivating the best talent on the market and ensuring they are retained for the long-term


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