1st December 2023

7th annual Ukrainian Investment Roadshow

Allen & Overy, London


Official partners
General partner


Lucio Genovese

Executive Chair,

Aivaras Abromavicius

Chairman of the Board,
Agro Region

Tim Ash

Senior EM Sovereign Strategist
BlueBay Asset Management

Matteo Patrone

Managing Director, Eastern Europe & Caucasus,

Oleksandr Gryban

Investment Team Lead,
Advantage Ukraine

Julia Bereshchenko

IR & Business Development Director,

Artem Shevalev

Member of the Board of Directors,

Vitaliy Vavryshchuk

Head of Macroeconomic Research,

Oleh Krykavskyy

Government Relations Director,
ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih

Kateryna Rybachenko

Chief Executive Officer,
Agro Region

Alexandre Joseph

Chief Financial Officer,
Centravis Group

Oksana Nersesova

Head of Corporate Finance,

Mykhailo Merkulov

Founding Partner,
Green Recovery Fund

Andrii Okolnych

Head of Investor Relations,

Imran Ahmadzada

Group CFO,
NEQSOL Holding

Nadiia Kaznacheieva

Chief Investment Officer,

Anna Babych

Executive Partner,

Giovanni Salvetti

Managing Director,
Rothschild & Co

Olyana Gordiyenko

Corporate Governance Advisor,

Olena Voloshina

Head of Operations, Ukraine,
International Finance Corporation

Gerhard Bösch

Chairman of Management Board,

Katya Gorbatiouk

Head of Investment Funds,
London Stock Exchange Group

Volodymyr Lavrenchuk

Country Director,
NEQSOL Holding

Yulia Kyrpa

Executive Partner,

Oleg Sirenko

Investment Director,
Diligent Capital Partners

Olga Kovalchuk

Head of Finance & Investments,
Goldbeck Solar Investment

Oliver Gierlichs

Managing Director, Ukraine,

Alexander McWhorter

Chief Executive Officer,
Citi Ukraine

Stefan Benedetti

Senior Portfolio Manager,
Plenisfer Investments

Catherine Lang-Anderson

Allen & Overy

Brian Best

Managing Director,
Dragon Capital

Adam Fadian

Allen & Overy

Sevki Acuner

Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
Sense Bank

Patrick Pearsall

Allen & Overy

Rishad Aliyev

Head of Investor Relations,
NEQSOL Holding


Information partners and supporting organisations


The Ukrainian Investment Roadshow is the long-standing and popular platform for Ukraine’s leading corporates and top officials to come together and meet with the most influential international emerging markets fund managers, investment bankers and advisors and a wide range of stakeholders from the financial community, not to mention a wide range of present and potential strategic investors.

Clearly the content and messages have evolved following russia’s barbaric and inexplicable invasion of Ukraine. However stakeholders have emphasised the importance of the Roadshow taking place in order to facilitate the ongoing dialogue between all parties and for the officials and corporates to provide an update to the markets on their activities, priorities and the resilience of the business community and the wider economy.

Just some of the critical issues to be covered are:

  • Ukraine’s macroeconomic performance and initiatives by the government and its partners to achieve resilience and stability and prepare for renewed growth
  • Facilitating dialogue between the sovereign, corporate Ukraine and the investor community to ensure ongoing sustainable relationships
  • Identifying long-term opportunities to invest in Ukraine’s redevelopment and reconstruction
  • Case studies of the resilience of leading Ukrainian corporates on how they have adapted their business processes and operations

Do take this opportunity to hear from and meet Ukraine’s leading corporates and economic policy-makers and to join the dialogue on how the Emerging Markets investor community can participate in the recovery of the Ukrainian economy and support the resilience of its business community.

The registration fee has been froze for the 7th year in a row and Ukrainian companies, whose activities and revenue have been impacted by the invasion, are encouraged to contact us directly and we will extend to them the best possible discounts to enable their participation.


  • 08:30   Registration and refreshments

  • 09:30   Session 1: Ukraine’s Macroeconomic Outlook And Initiatives By The Government And Its Partners To Ensure Resilience And Stability And Build For Renewed Growth

    • Providing an update on and forecasts for the country’s macroeconomic performance and key indicators
    • Appraising the National Bank strategy for macroeconomic stability: easing currency restrictions, allowing greater exchange rate flexibility and renewing the focus on inflation targeting
    • Focus on the impact of the IMF Enhanced Financing Program and the role of the IFIs in both an advisory and financing capacity
    • The relaunch of the government’s large-scale privatisation programme as an important step to attract FDI and increase private sector involvement in the economy
  • 11:00   Morning refreshments

  • 11:30   Session 2: Financing Mechanisms To Ensure That Public, Donor And Private Sector Funds Are Channelled As Efficiently And Effectively As Possible

    • An overview of the current status of the Ukraine Development Fund. The vision for blended finance with governments, donors and IFIs leading the way to unlock and mobilise private capital at scale
    • Progress report on the development of war risk insurance mechanisms to stimulate early stage investment flows. Spotlight on the Ukraine Reconstruction Guarantee Programme
    • The emergence of blended finance solutions and the increasing role of Development Finance Corporations
    • How to mobilise private capital and increase the pipeline of bankable projects
    • Highlighting initiatives for the creation of the Kyiv International Financial Centre and the opportunity to deepen the country’s domestic capital markets
  • 13:00   Lunch

  • 14:00   Session 3: Creating The Necessary Infrastructure And Framework To Enable Investment: Capital Markets, The PE / VC Ecosystem And PPPs And Concession Models

    • Charting the dialogue Between The Sovereign, Corporate Ukraine And The Investor Community To Ensure Long-Term Sustainable Relationships
    • Progress report on corporate governance reform at the state-owned enterprises and financial institutions
    • Utilising the PPP and concession models to attract global investment and expertise for major reconstruction projects
    • Opportunities to scale up and significantly grow the Private Equity and Venture Capital ecosystems
    • Showcasing the banking sector and how digitalisation and innovation are ensuring the durability, operational efficiency and profitability of the financial services sector
  • 15:30   Afternoon refreshments

  • 16:00   Session 4: Panel Discussion And Case studies Of The Resilience Of Ukrainian Corporates, Including International And Domestic Expansion And Diversification

    • Spotlight on important industry sectors to drive the recovery process – construction, infrastructure, healthcare, IT, agribusiness, renewables and Critical & Rare Minerals
    • Seizing the opportunity to switch to less carbon-intensive industry and the outlook for green steel and aluminium
    • The outlook for international Joint Ventures to boost production in the defence sector
    • Focus on major investment projects initiated by domestic business groups
    • Identifying opportunities to develop key export-oriented sectors and identify new markets
    • Highlighting the importance of mobilising investment now and not waiting until after the war
  • 17:30   Drinks reception