27th October 2022

3rd Ukrainian Banking Day in London


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The banking sector in Ukraine enjoyed a successful, and in many cases record-breaking, 2021. The ongoing challenges for the banks have been brought into sharp focus, requiring them to be more innovative and proactive in investing in automation and digitalisation to compete with new digital entrants, raise efficiency and deliver improved customer service amongst others.

The popular Ukrainian Banking Day in London returns to provide a platform for Ukraine’s most senior banking professionals to come together with their peers from the City of London and beyond to discuss global trends and the evolving Ukrainian banking landscape.


  • 08:30   Registration and coffee

  • 09:30   Session One: The Outlook For The Ukrainian Banking Sector – Views Of The Government, IFIs And The Banking Community

    • Highlighting key priority measures of the National Bank of Ukraine to ensure macroeconomic stability and growth and to continue and complete banking reform
    • Key macroeconomic indicators and their significance for the banking sector
    • How far and how soon is the government looking to lower its presence in the banking sector?
    • The involvement of the International Financial Institutions in the evolution of the sector. Progress report
    • Is consolidation of the Ukrainian banking landscape complete or is a new wave of M&A about to take place?
  • 11:00   Morning refreshments

  • 11:30   Session Two: Case Studies And Progress Report On The Development Strategies Of The State-owned Banks

    • Is the government on track to lower the state’s share of the banking system from 60% to 25% by 2025?
    • Progress in corporate governance, strategic vision and preparations to attract private investment
    • Update on the IFC and Ukrgasbank’s cooperation on the way to privatisation. What has driven the record profits announced for 2021?
    • Outlining the work between the EBRD and Oschadbank to commercialise the bank and prepare it to attract a robust investor
    • Ukrposhta’s launch into financial services. Bringing banking to underserved rural communities vs further increasing the state’s presence in the sector
    • What practical steps can be implemented to strengthen the role and status of independent supervisory boards at the state-owned banks?
    • Charting the steady decrease of NPLs and how banks are reducing their portfolios
  • 13:00   Lunch

  • 14:00   Session Three: An Overview Of The Operating Environment From Key Market Participants

    • How technological and operational advances have raised levels of productivity and efficiency and lowered operating costs
    • Raising levels of customer service as customers’ habits evolve and identifying new innovative products to gain market share
    • What are the main growth segments in the retail banking environment?
    • Charting the recent growth of cashless transactions and digital banking
    • What are the forecasts for corporate and household lending for the year to come?
    • Will we see significant growth in mortgage lending due to the government’s Affordable Mortgage programme?
  • 15:30   Afternoon refreshments

  • 16:00   Session Four: Panel Discussion – Traditional Banks, Neobanks And Fintech. Who Will Ultimately Be The Winners And Losers?

    A panel of leading representatives of the banking, neobank and fintech communities will come together for a lively, no-holds-barred debate on such topics as:

    • Banks and fintech – competition, cooperation or a mix of both?
    • Who stands to gain the greater market share in the near future?
    • Are the banks adapting their business models enough to become more dynamic and responsive and less rigid and bureaucratic?
    • To what extent is the growth in popularity of digital banking driving innovation, efficiency and profitability in the sector
    • What new products and services are being launched on the market, such as mobile apps for international brokerage services?
  • 17:30   Drinks reception