2nd annual Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum


31st May 2024

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2nd annual Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum


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For the 2nd winter running russia has been cynically attacking Ukraine’s integrated energy system. Ukraine has survived the onslaught thanks to the efforts of the government, energy companies and emergency services with vital support from the international energy community to repair and stabilise the energy grid.

In the longer term there is a commitment that the reconstruction and modernisation of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure be undertaken using the latest global technologies with an emphasis on energy efficiency, sustainability and stimulating investment in renewable energy sources.

The 2nd Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum has been convened to once more bring together all the key stakeholders – Ukrainian officials, private and state energy companies, renewables developers and their advisors, equipment providers and financiers – to meet with their international counterparts to gain a clear assessment of the requirements and to formulate an action plan to build Ukraine’s energy infrastructure back better.

Our team has been organising Ukrainian energy and investment conferences for over 25 years, including annual energy forums in Kyiv. Our portfolio also includes Ukrainian Renewables, Gas E&P, Hydrogen and Critical Minerals Forums in London. Over 200 senior executives from 15 countries participated in last year’s Forum.


  • 08:30   Registration

  • 09:30   Session 1: Planning And Implementing The Rebuild And Modernisation Of Ukraine’s Energy System

    • Creating the conditions to attract investment and new technologies to the sector
    • Integrating Ukrainian energy markets with their European counterparts and linking energy reconstruction with its EU accession path and EU energy and climate policy. The roadmap for Ukraine to connect its electricity market with the European Union
    • Predicting the make-up of the future power mix in Ukraine and the role of green energy: wind, solar, SMNRs, biogas, green hydrogen, nuclear
    • The creation of the Decarbonisation Fund and the Ukrainian National Decarbonisation Platform – can European best practice be applied?
    • Ukrenergo’s full membership of ENTSO-E as a new stage of cooperation. Practical implications such as the ability to increase electricity import capacity
    • What will be the sources of financing for the energy reconstruction – international donors and institutions, IFIs, reparations, the private sector?

  • 11:00   Morning refreshments

  • 11:30   Session 2: Rebuilding And Modernising Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure Using The Latest Global Technologies Focused On Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Decarbonisation And Sustainability

    • Developing distributed generation to stimulate renewable growth, energy storage systems and microgrids
    • Appraising the need for new production capacity including flexible capacity for balancing and storage
    • Strengthening the integrity of critical energy infrastructure facilities through improved air defence capabilities and cybersecurity
    • The transformation of Energoatom – corporatisation and the switch to international sources and standards and the use of SMRs
    • The role of Ukraine’s underground storage facilities within the European Vertical Gas Corridor. The country’s outlook to become the gas hub of Europe
    • Update on the war risk insurance mechanisms currently available to encourage and protect investment in power generation and distribution infrastructure

  • 13:00   Lunch

  • 14:00   Session 3: Charting The Development Of The Renewables Sector In Ukraine. Creating The Right Framework And Incentives To Attract Significant Levels Of Foreign And Domestic Direct Investment In The RES Once More

    • Case studies and market analysis from the leading renewables developers operating in Ukraine
    • An overview of new renewable capacity currently being built in Ukraine
    • Outlining Ukraine’s ambitious renewable energy integration plan for enhanced grid flexibility and sustainability
    • Can renewables become the main source of electricity in post-war Ukraine?
    • Supporting Ukraine’s transition to a sustainable clean energy future by mobilising green investment

  • 15:30   Afternoon refreshments

  • 16:00   Session 4: The Outlook For Ukraine To Become A Key Player In The European Hydrogen Supply Chain

    • Accelerating the deployment and use of renewable hydrogen, clean biogas and biomethane
    • Developing the technology to scale up hydrogen use and creating the necessary conditions and infrastructure for its production, transportation and consumption. Repurposing of natural gas and other infrastructure and additional build-out
    • The hydrogen corridor project from Ukraine to the EU as a powerful driver for hydrogen development in Ukraine and access to European energy markets
    • Ukraine and the CRM supply chain in Europe. How Ukraine’s mineral resources can contribute to the Europe-wide energy transition
    • Hydrogen case studies, pilot projects and insights from leading energy market players in and beyond Ukraine

  • 17:30   Evening reception