14th November 2017

Ukrainian Agribusiness Forum

Kyiv, Hilton


Evgeniy Radovenyuk, CEO of Grain Alliance, Oleksandr Verzhykhovskyi, COO of IMC, and Viktor Gladkiy, CFO of Astarta-Kyiv, are the latest senior executives of major agriholdings to join the speaker panel.

Ton Huls, CFO of Mriya, and Serhiy Zuyev, CFO of Svarog West Group, confirm their participation in the Forum

Martin Schuldt, Cargill's General Manager for Ukraine, confirms his participation and we look forward to hearing the latest news about the development of the grain terminal in Yuzhni.

In the latest research section you may find the press coverage of the event.


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Olga Trofimtseva

Deputy Minister for European integration
Ministry of Agrarian Policy & Food of Ukraine

Jean-Paul Piotrowski

Chairman of the Board
Credit Agricole Bank

Leonid Kozachenko

Member, Committee for Agrarian Policy & Land Relations
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Zeljko Erceg

Operations Director

Inna Meteleva

Country Director, Ukraine
Charterhouse Corporate Partners

Morgan Williams

US-Ukraine Business Council

Mykola Gorbachov

Ukrainian Grain Association

Petro Melnyk

Chief Executive Officer
Agricom Group

Dmytry Skornyakov

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Thomson

Head of Agricultural Brokerage & Consultancy
Cushman & Wakefield

Ihor Petrashko

Deputy CEO

Viktor Korsak

Chairman of the Board
VolWest Group

Vladyslava Rutytska

Vice President
SigmaBleyzer Investment Group

Larysa Bondarieva

Member of the Management Board, Corporate & SME
Credit Agricole Bank

Martin Schuldt

General Manager, Ukraine

Wojtek Boniaszczuk

Regional Head of Agribusiness

Volodymyr Nosik

Of Counsel, Land & Agriculture
Evris Law Firm

Ton Huls

Chief Financial Officer

Volodymyr Osadchuk

General Manager, Ukraine

Elena Voloshina

Head of Operations, Ukraine
International Finance Corporation

Reinier Douque

Regional Head, Agribusiness, Food & Water

Serhiy Zuyev

Chief Financial Officer
Svarog West Group

Evgeniy Radovenyuk

Chief Executive Officer
Grain Alliance

Oleksandr Verzhykhovskyi

Chief Operating Officer

Viktor Gladkiy

Chief Financial Officer

Sergiy Benedysiuk

Head of Corporate and M&A,
Evris Law Firm


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Case studies on investment in innovation and technology by the leading agriholdings

Hilton Kyiv, Tuesday 14th November 2017
Ukraine has firmly established itself as a major player on global agricultural markets with leading positions as a producer and exporter of a number of commodities. In 2016 agriculture accounted for 42% of all exports and 18% of total GDP.
The Ukrainian Agribusiness Forum 2017 will bring together all the key stakeholders to discuss what is required for Ukraine to build on this global position and make the most of its competitive advantages. Amongst the topics to be discussed will be:

  • Moving up the value chain: increasing the production and export of value-added products;
  • Building up market share in new priority export markets and conducting coordinated trade promotion campaigns;
  • Land reform – what will be the outcome and what impact will it have on the sector?
  • Investing into agricultural logistics and infrastructure
  • The availability of finance to support investment in the latest technologies and machinery and to provide working capital to producers
  • How Ukrainian agriholdings are investing in and implementing agtech solutions

The Ukrainian Agribusiness Forum is a unique platform to hear from and meet with all the key stakeholders in the sector in one day, including:

  • Senior government officials who will outline strategic priorities in the reform process designed to enhance Ukraine’s position as a leader in global agricultural markets;
  • Owners and top executives from Ukraine’s leading agriholdings who will outline their development strategies and provide original case studies of how they are utilising the very latest technologies and methods to raise productivity and efficiency;
  • Top agrarian experts, analysts and heads of industry associations who will debate the most controversial and business-critical issues facing Ukraine’s agri sector;
  • Leading institutional investors and financiers who will outline successful investments, the availability of financing and which sectors are most attractive.

With close to 10 years’ experience of organising conferences for Ukrainian agribusiness and over 20 years working with the wider business community in Ukraine, you can be sure that the UAF 17 will provide you with invaluable contacts and unique and timely information.


  • Session 1: Setting The Scene: Strategies And Priorities To Strengthen Ukraine’s Global Position As A Leading Agrarian Innovator

    • Major trends driving change in the Ukrainian agricultural landscape
    • Charting the evolution to production and export of value-added products
    • Choosing a government strategy: what kind of agricultural enterprises should be prioritised to support the further development of the Ukrainian economy – small family farms or large vertically-integrated ones with full control over the production chain?
    • Scenarios surrounding land market reform, possible outcomes and timescales and what impact this may have on the investment programmes of leading agrarian players
    • Channelling investment into cutting-edge technologies to ensure Ukraine strengthens its global market positions
    • How successful has trade promotion been to new priority export markets, including North Africa, East Asia and the EU?
  • Session 2: The Availability Of Financing And Investments And Channelling It To Where It Can Add The Most Value

    • Where is investment most sought after in the value chain: logistics and infrastructure, developing processing capacity and financing the modernisation of equipment
    • Is the availability of bank financing improving now and are interest rates likely to come down?
    • The availability of finance to support investment in the latest technologies and machinery and to provide working capital to producers. Which financing instruments are most appropriate at present?
    • What are the most attractive assets to invest in: port terminals, silos, elevators and storage facilities, processing and crushing plants, cold storage, rolling stock, irrigation, river transport
    • The growth of activity by international investment funds buying stakes in Ukrainian agricultural companies. What are the key fundamentals driving investor interest in Ukrainian agriculture
    • Attracting portfolio investors and ensuring there is a pipeline of sound investment projects. Initiatives between government and industry
  • Session 3: Development Strategies And Case Studies Of Best Practice From The Leading Agriholdings

    • Implementing best in class business processes and technologies to raise productivity and efficiency
    • Applying the latest global technologies and techniques in order to increase yields
    • Switching to value-added production and developing vertically integrated value chains
    • Asset ownership across the agriculture value chain in Ukraine
    • How best to manage market risk in the current environment
    • Case studies of innovative agtech investments from leading Ukrainian agriholdings. Investing in domestic innovations and R&D capabilities
  • Session 4: Roundtable Discussion Between Government And Industry On Improving Cooperation In Order To Raise The Competitiveness And Productivity Of Ukrainian Agriculture

    • The impact of tax reform on the agrarian sector
    • What is required to make collateralisation of leased land work in order to unlock and protect investment in agriculture?
    • Attracting investment into agrarian logistics and infrastructure
    • The system of agrarian receipts and how to make it happen. Developing the next generation of agrarians by attracting, training and retaining motivated and qualified personnel
  • Evening Reception