2nd December 2016

The Outlook For London-Listed Emerging European Groups 2016

London, The Kensington Close Hotel


On 2nd December join the likes of Black Sun, BNY Mellon, DF King, Equus Petroleum, Ferrexpo, Gulf Keystone Petroleum, Nostrum Oil & Gas, Polyus Gold, Regal Petroleum, STJ Advisors, Unicredit and VTB Capital to hear from:

Michael Lynch-Bell, Senior Independent Director with KAZ Minerals and Independent NED of Lenta, to join the discussions on corporate governance and the role of the NED

Lord Edmund Limerick, Senior NED with Roxi Petroleum, will address the role of the NED in bridging the corporate culture of the country of operation and the London listing

Paul Ostling, Chairman of the Board, JKX Oil & Gas – The challenges of instilling best corporate governance and practices in emerging markets companies

Vladimir Rusinov, Managing Director, Proxima Capital Group – What leads to shareholder activist situations and how both companies and activists can best support their interests

Tim McCutcheon, Non-Executive Director & Board Member, Ovoca Gold – The persistently false understanding of Russia on the international capital markets

Paul George, Executive Director, Corporate Governance & Reporting, Financial Reporting Council – Board effectiveness and raising the quality of dialogue between investors and the companies they own



Paul Ostling

Chairman of the Board JKX Oil & Gas

Chris Bucknall

Head of Investor Relations KAZ Minerals

Vladimir Rusinov

Managing Director Proxima Capital Group

John Conlin

Chief Executive Officer Ruspetro

Paul George

Executive Director, Corporate Governance & Reporting Financial Reporting Council

Tom Blackwell

Chief Executive Officer

Guido Michelotti

Chief Executive Officer Cadogan Petroleum

Tim McCutcheon

Non-Executive Director Ovoca Gold

Tony Alves

Consultant to the Board Volga Gas

Richard Spinks

Chief Executive Officer Active Energy Group

Adam Jenkins

President of the Management Board Work Service International

Sergei Voloboev

Chief Economist Norvik Banka UK

Dekel Golan

Chief Executive Officer Chaarat Gold

Tania Tchedaeva

Company Secretary Polymetal International

Ayuna Nechaeva

Head of Russia & CIS London Stock Exchange

Robin Storey

General Counsel Sequa Petroleum

Kurt Beck

Chief Executive Officer SharesInside

Edmund Limerick

Non-Executive Director Roxi Petroleum

Michael Lynch-Bell

Independent Non-executive Director Lenta


Information partners and supporting organisations


Many London-listed Eastern European groups currently face challenges, brought on by such factors as commodity sector-specific risks, sanctions and emerging markets discount and resulting in them struggling to meet post-IPO trading expectations.
These groups are seeking greater institutional engagement, in order to raise liquidity and strengthen the connection between underlying performance and valuation. With growing shareholder activism in London, effective interaction and communication with all stakeholders – including investors, Regulators and the financial press – are more important than ever.
This timely 1-day forum has been convened to address the challenges that emerging European groups listed in London are currently facing and to identify how the groups can unlock greater shareholder value and ensure clear dialogue between the Board and all stakeholders.
You will receive unique case studies and insight from senior executives at such listed companies as KAZ Minerals, Volga Gas, JKX Oil & Gas, Active Energy Group, Work Service, Ovoca Gold, investment firm Proxima Capital Group, IR advisor EM and UK regulatory body, Financial Reporting Council.
Forum attendees will be drawn from Board Members and majority shareholders of listed companies, activist shareholders, Regulatory bodies, ECM investment bankers, legal counsel, proxy firms, PR & IR advisors and financial media.


  • 08:30 Registration & Coffee
  • 09:30 Welcome remarks
  • 09:35 Session 1: The Current Landscape For Emerging Europe-Focused Groups Listed in London

    Keynote Presentation by the Financial Reporting Council. The role of the Stewardship Code in encouraging engagement between investors and Boards. How to ensure the highest quality corporate governance whilst maintaining London’s pre-eminent position as the destination of choice for global issuers

    An overview of the macroeconomic and geopolitical outlook for Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS and what to expect from global commodity prices

    Overcoming market challenges: emerging markets discount, sector-specific risks (such as commodity prices) and sanctions / Russian risk Instilling best corporate governance practices and cultures in emerging markets companies and what can go wrong when this is lacking

    Highlighting regulatory and cultural differences when dual-listed or listed in one country and operating in another

  • 11:00 Morning refreshments
  • 11:30 Session 2: : Case Studies From Listed Companies On How To Meet Market Expectations And Maximise Shareholder Value In A Challenging Environment

    How to counter market pressures – meeting the expectations of the IPO story, maintaining highest levels of governance, raising free float

    Achieving greater institutional engagement, raising liquidity and how to avoid a disconnect between underlying performance and valuation

    How best to interact with and inform all key stakeholders, including Regulators and the financial press

    Why the majority of independent natural resources companies operating in Eastern Europe have struggled to meet market expectations

    Ensuring good information flows between the Board, its committees, senior management and NEDs. Monitoring shareholder opinion and liaising with shareholder groups

    Working to ensure that market capitalisation does not become a hurdle to financing or sale

  • 13:00 Luncheon
  • 14:15 Session 3: The Rise Of Shareholder Activism And Its Impact On Emerging European Groups Listed In London

    Shareholder activism – what leads to activist situations and how both companies and activists can best support their interest. Specific reference to recent case studies

    Appraising some recent scenarios and how they can be addressed: activists stake-building and seeking to drive agenda; controllers being obliged to consider lowball offers

    Arguments and counter-arguments: the raiders vs underperforming incumbents – where does the truth lie and how to gain the advantage in the information war?

    Conducting shareholder analysis in order to identify them, put forward your proposition and gain their support

    The implications of a fragmented share register and the scope of the real free float Delistings: isolated and unrelated instances or the tip of the iceberg?

  • 15:45 Afternoon refreshments
  • 16:15 Session 4: Panel Discussion – Maximising Shareholder Value In Emerging Europe-Focused Groups Listed In London And Gauging The Potential Impact Of The Rise In Shareholder Activism

    This concluding session will provide a frank and lively discussion of all the key topics raised in the course of the day.

    The panel will be drawn from all major players and stakeholders in the process, including corporate Board Members, activist shareholders, Regulators, Legal counsel, IR advisors and the financial media.

  • 17:45 Gala drinks reception