13th October 2020

The Ukrainian Investment Roadshow in New York

Refinitiv HQ


Morgan Williams

US-Ukraine Business Council

Dmytro Sennychenko

State Property Fund of Ukraine

Jason Pellmar

Regional Manager, Ukraine, Belarus & Moldova,
International Finance Corporation

James Brooke

Managing Director,
BCP Ukraine

Dale Perry

Managing Partner,
Energy Resources of Ukraine

Olga Magaletska

Head of Office,
National Investment Council of Ukraine

Sergey Geller

Deputy CFO,

Ben Hough

Managing Partner / Head of Research,
BCP Securities

Nataliya Shevchenko

Chief Financial Officer,
Vodafone Ukraine

Matt Simpson

Chief Executive Officer,
Black Iron

Ilya Ponomarev

Chief Executive Officer,
Trident Acquisitions

Michael Iavorskyi

Investor Relations Manager,


Forum Sponsor


Introduction and background

The Ukrainian Investment Roadshow in NY will provide a platform for Ukraine’s leading corporates to come together and meet with Wall Street’s most influential emerging markets fund managers, investment bankers and advisors and a wide range of stakeholders from the North American investor community, not to mention a wide range of present and potential strategic investors.

Ukraine’s macroeconomic performance for 2019 was the strongest for a number of years with solid GDP growth, low inflation and the hryvnia ending the year as the fastest appreciating currency worldwide against the dollar. Against this backdrop, a record number of Ukrainian entities, both sovereign and corporate, successfully accessed the international Debt Capital Markets, while the domestic government bond market saw record levels of foreign investment.

Don’t miss this timely and unique opportunity to hear first-hand about Ukraine’s leading companies’ and state institutions’ plans for capital raising and strategic development, international investors’ appetite for Ukrainian issuers and what opportunities exist for international advisors and financiers to share their experience and expertise.

Our organising team has been responsible for holding the definitive Ukrainian investment conferences in London over the course of the last 20 years. We are proud to be Associate Members of the US Ukrainian Business Council, long term partners of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and regularly host conferences with the official support and partnership of UkraineInvest, the National Investment Council of Ukraine and the Embassies of Ukraine in the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands.

Who you will meet!

The most recent Ukrainian Investment Roadshow in London in December attracted close to 200 attendees, including senior executives from such organisations as:

What previous attendees had to say:

“A great and perfectly organised event!”

Alina Slyusarchuk, Executive Director, Research, Morgan Stanley

“Thank you for the invitation to a great Roadshow – it was really informative and we made many interesting new contacts”

Roman Korsak, Shareholder, VolWest Group

“Thank you for the excellent two days – very interesting and lively”

Andrew Edmondson, Investment Manager, Ashmore Group

“The conference was a success – thanks for a great set-up”

Mykola Kovalski, Director, Development & Investor Relations, Astarta-Kyiv

“It was a great event with useful networking and presentations of the opportunities in Ukraine”

Olga Afanasyeva, Executive Director, Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association




  • 08:30   Registration and morning coffee

  • 09:30 Session 1: Ukraine’s Macroeconomic Outlook For 2020 And Key Government Initiatives To Stimulate Economic Growth And Increase Levels Of FDI

    • An overview of Ukraine’s macroeconomic outlook for 2020 – predicted GDP growth and continued lowering of inflation, interest rates and the budget deficit
    • Are the ambitious goals for levels of FDI and GDP growth attainable?
    • Will the hryvnia continue to strengthen through 2020 and what are the forecasts for the UAH to USD exchange rate?
    • Government steps to strengthen the rule of law and property rights and gain the confidence of present and potential investors
    • Highlighting key priorities measures of the National Bank of Ukraine to ensure macroeconomic stability and growth and to lower the cost of borrowing for business. Efforts to maintain the NBU’s independence
    • Priority areas of dialog and support from the International Financial Institutions
    • The launch of the government’s large-scale privatisation programme and the timeline for the sale of some of the most attractive assets


  • 11:00   Morning refreshments

  • 11:30 Session 2: International And Domestic Capital Markets Activity By The Sovereign And SOEs And The Opportunities For International Investors To Participate

    • What are the sovereign’s plans for accessing the international debt capital markets in the foreseeable future? Appraising the pricing of and the demand for the latest issue. How strongly is North American interest in Ukrainian sovereign and corporate bond issues growing?
    • Charting levels of foreign investment in the domestic bond market and whether they will continue to grow
    • International investor demand for Ukrainian Eurobonds and investor sentiment towards the Sovereign and SOEs’ placements. What further bond issues can be expected in the foreseeable future?
    • Equity capital markets: how soon can we expect new international listings from Ukraine-focused companies?
    • Progress report on the corporate governance of major state-owned enterprises and banks
    • Case studies of the strategic development plans of the leading SOEs and state-owned banks
    • How soon is the government looking to lower its presence in the banking sector and which banks will be first for part-privatization or a trade sale?
  • 13:00   Lunch

  • 14:15 Session 3: Case Studies Of Capital-Raising Activity And Corporate Development Strategies From Leading Ukrainian And International Strategic Investors

    • Case studies of internationally-listed groups and those active in the capital markets, their finance-raising plans and investor sentiment to the Ukraine story
    • The M&A market: which sectors are the main drivers for the growth in activity and why?
    • Opportunities for Private Equity houses to enter the Ukrainian market – is it still a buyer’s market and which sectors are attracting the most attention?
    • What financing tools and instruments are proving popular with Ukrainian and Ukraine-focused entities? Syndicated loans, project financing, concessions, green bonds – what mechanisms and frameworks are required to stimulate their development?
  • 15:45   Afternoon refreshments

  • 16:15 Session 4: Roundtable Discussion On Efforts To Improve The Investment Climate And Which Industry Sectors Are Showing The Greatest Potential And Growth Levels

    • Outlining the government’s actions to protect international strategic investors, including the ‘investment nanny’ scheme and the planned international court of arbitration
    • To what extent has Ukraine’s positive economic performance and reform agenda managed to be heard in the US above the political noise?
    • Preparing for the creation of the Land Market and appraising the proposed model and its implications for major agri-holdings and international groups
    • Growth in agricultural exports – increasing and diversifying trade flows and markets
    • Transport infrastructure and the introduction of concessions and PPP models and the opportunities being created in ports, roads, rail and airports
    • Stimulating the growth of domestic gas production and energy independence – spotlight on the ongoing PSA programs and licencing rounds
    • Renewable energy – can retrospective changes to legislation be avoided and the impressive levels of investment be continued?
    • Which other sectors are displaying the most impressive levels of growth? Focus on IT, retail, construction and real estate amongst others
  • 17:45   Drinks reception


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