27th May 2021

The 3rd annual Ukrainian Agro-Industrial & Food Forum

Mainport Hotel, Rotterdam


We are pleased to announce the date and venue for the 3rd annual Ukrainian Agro-Industrial & Food Forum, which has firmly established itself as the must-attend gathering for senior executives and stakeholders from Ukraine and the Netherlands, 2 of the leading global agrifood exporters and innovators.


The Forum takes place each year in late May in the Netherlands and enjoys the official support of Ambassador Vsevolod Chentsov and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands. Other key partners include the Ukrainian Dutch Joint Business Council and its co-Chairs, former Ukrainian Agrarian Minister, Oleksiy Pavlenko, and Hans de Boer, President of the VNO-NCW. Key corporate partners include FMO, MHP, ING and SAP.


The then-acting Minister of Agrarian Policy & Food of Ukraine, Olga Trofimtseva, was a key participant at both previous Forums. Consultations are already underway with the Ministry of Economic Development, Agriculture & Trade of Ukraine to ensure a member of the leadership team attends this year.


The Forum highlights the synergies that exist between the 2 major agricultural countries and each year attracts more than 130 attendees, drawn equally from the 2 countries and their neighbours.


With this year’s Forum returning to Rotterdam, there will be a strong focus on trading, logistics and infrastructure, alongside such key topics as financing, AgTech, growth markets and exports, trade and investment dynamics, organic production and moving up the value chain.


The idea for the Forum was formed at our flagship annual Agribusiness Forum, which takes place in Kyiv each November - a key date in the Ukrainian agribusiness calendar with such influential partners as the Ministry of Economic Development, Agriculture & Trade, Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, Credit Agricole, the Rada Agrarian Committee, IFC, EBRD, US-Ukraine Business Council and the Ukrainian Grain Association. The efficient and productive 1-day format manages to cover the widest spectre of topics, including financing and investment, innovations & agtech, new export markets, agriholdings’ corporate strategies and logistics and infrastructure.